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T-shirt Graphic

Designed for a health care organization to support the Durham community. Another version was designed for a women’s t-shirt as well.

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Business Brand

The brand is inspired by the minimalist design style, representing luxury, glamour and quality. The brand is classic black and white with pops of bright purple and green.

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BioImage Study Logo

New brand to help develop and test tools in clinical practice to better tailor preventive therapies advancing cardiovascular health and well-being.

Alchemy of Grief: Your Journey to Wholeness
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Alchemy of Grief

Nancy Loeffler is the author of The Alchemy of Grief: Your Journey to Wholeness. As a mother who lost her 17-year old daughter Leah in a car accident in November of 2000.

Jonathan P. Alcott
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Jonathan P. Alcott Memoir

Jonathan P. Alcott is a small-town boy who had big dreams. This warm and moving memoir tells the story of how one young man maneuvered life to achieve success on his terms.

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Success Path for Artists

Heather Allen is creating a “revenue revolution” for working artists with her book *Let Your Creativity Work For You*. This step-by-step book produces a roadmap for success.