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BOOK DESIGN (Interior, Cover, eBook): Thank you so much for all the great work you did on the…Traversing the Valley of Death… book.Stephen Markham,Professor of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Author – Raleigh, NC
FILM: I retained Cynergie Studio to help me make a short promotional video for my company website. I found them to be pleasant, very professional and efficient, bringing the right equipment and making clear suggestions on where and how to sit and what to say to get an optimal impression of me and my work on film. I can wholeheartedly recommend them.Michiel Doorn, Sustainability Strategist, CEO – Raleigh, NC
BOOK DESIGN: It was so exciting to open each of your book designs, one at a time, like pieces of candy!Heather Allen, Business owner, Author – Raleigh, NC
BOOK DESIGN + FILM: We are so thrilled with the work Cyn did on our first book, Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll that we are hiring her again! The short films the Cynergie Studio team produced has really helped to get our message out into the community.Megan and Barton Cutter, Business owners, Authors – Raleigh, NC
DESIGN + BRAND + WEBSITE: Cyn, of Cynergie Studio, is one fantastic woman to work with. I find her exceptionally clever, her use of various program makes me look great on my CD covers. She is focused, self motivated and dedicated to her task, whatever it may be. She takes my meager ideas and uses her mastery of knowledge in the graphic artist world and creates beautiful works of art. Anyone wise enough to contract with Cynergie Studio will get everything they paid for and more!Willa Brigham, Songwriter/Keynote Speaker/Host of WRAL’s Smart Start – Cary, NC
WEBSITE: Cyn is a talented visual designer who consistently delivers quality and value. Her high ethics, expertise, punctuality, and creativity make her a wonderful consultant to work with at every step of the way. I would recommend her to any company trying to re-brand or maintain their status quo.Liset Robinson, Professor at Savannah College of Art and Design – Atlanta, GA
WEBSITE: Cyn and her team worked hard to help me create a website that would meet my business needs. They are knowledgable, creative, and pleasant to work with. I am a big fan and would recommend Cynergie Studio gladly!Lea-Ann Berst, Business Owner – Raleigh, NC
WEBSITE/BRAND: Really happy with her work!Sandy Saltzman, Business Owner – Cary, NC
BOOK COVER: You’re making my life so much easier.Priti Gress, Managing Editor Hippocrene Books – New York, NY
BOOK COVER: Looks great Cynthia. I don’t know how you managed to make this new title work, but you did. Fantastic job, as always.Michael Carroll, Editor Hippocrene Books – New York, NY
WEBSITE: Cyn and her team helped me create a breaking news and blog style website that meet my business needs and looked fantastic! They are knowledgable, responsive, and friendly folks to work with. D. Acheson, Journalist, Business Owner – New York, NY
WEBSITE/BRAND/PRINT: Cyn has been great at taking the tasks I need done, listening to my ideas, and running with the project. She is willing and able to work through the ideas to implementation phase and keeps the projects moving ahead. Cyn and her team have been great to work worth with. She is reliable and cares about the quality and functionality of the final product. She has done a website, logo, and graphic design of the marketing brochure template for F.O.C.U.S. Resources and the Technovation Entrepreneur program. I highly recommend Cyn and Cynergie Studio for website and graphic design projects!Lea Strickland, Business Owner, CEO – Cary, NC
PRINT: Cyn did an outstanding job developing marketing and website materials for the BPW/NC Women Empowered and Enlightened Event. She has a great eye for the use of color and graphics. We are very pleased with the final product.Michelle Evans, Past President BPW NC- Durham, NC
WEBSITE: Two things about Cyn really stood out to me – Her training ability and her creative talent. She took the time to work with me until I had a full understanding on topic. Without her creative talent the end result would have simply been “ho-hum” instead of the “that’s it!Rex Hardin, Owner Cypress Printing – Miami, FL
WEBSITE: Cyn and her partner Sharon have been great, creative and reliable partners in our law firm’s efforts to obtain optimal exposure on the web. We highly recommend their services without reservations.Letvia Arza, Law Partner Preston Arza – Hollywood, CA
BRAND: I never told you how much I love the logo this year!! I thought I’d share with you some comments from our conference committee.

“Love the logo!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Charletta

“This is a wonderful logo and theme! I love it!”- Heather

“WOW – the logo is breathtaking!”- Bethaney

“The logo is beautiful!!” – SueKelly Mauldin, Public Affairs Associate, UNC – Chapel Hill, NC

BOOK COVER: Veins-Thanks for a great job and I’ll let you know when the publisher needs the material. This is great! It’s perfect. Alloy-I am very pleased and thanks again for the great cover, which several people have praised.Larry Johnson, Author – Raleigh, NC
WEBSITE/BRAND: More work from a happy customer. Thanks again for all your great work.Pieter Muntendam, CEO scPharmaceuticals – Boston, MA
WEBSITE/BRAND/PRINT: Cyn is precisely what you want in a person, a co-worker, an art director/designer, and a friend. She’s fun, easy-going, good at what she does, and most importantly, she HAS been known to “think outside the box” while maintaining a firm grip on standard business practices and her own entrepreneurship. Cyn is a joy to work with – a real bright light!Nicole Luter, Communications Manager Promedex – Raleigh, NC
Our secret?
First, we like our clients and they like us. We value their time, friendship, and expertise. Second, we understand that business is business and we not only must deliver a product that makes our client happy, but also makes their associates giddy as well. And third, we respond to email and phone calls promptly. We show up every day with a grin :)