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Sugar by Maroon 5 is Brilliant



Ok complete transparency here. I have listened and watched this video by Maroon 5 over and over today. (Thanks for sharing Aura!) I can’t stop. I put aside my long to-do list to write this post right now! Why?  Well… a client asked me today how to Newsjack and I thought this just might be a good way to answer the question. 2 days ago this video was published on YouTube ( I guess as a way to announce their upcoming tour) and today it has over 2.6M views. I think a few folks know about their tour now, what do you think. The Sugar video by Maroon 5 is simply brilliant branding and promotion. Authors and content producers can learn a little from this exhibit of having something to announce, using a social channel like YouTube, and connecting your product ever so slightly to another relevant idea or product. Authors and business owners can benefit from this idea when they launch their new book or promote their 5 year anniversary.

Why am I writing about THIS video now? It made me feel incredibly good… and today was a sunny day in Raleigh, North Carolina so I was already pretty happy. The highest honor you can bestow on a content receiver is to get an emotional reaction. Hat’s off  to the musicians (James Valentine – Guitar Jesse Carmichael – Keyboards, Mickey Madden – Bass, Matt Flynn – Drums, Adam Levine – Guitarist/Lead Vocalist) who can always use some positive feedback, especially from ladies over the age of 12.

And wow! the cameraperson and editors of the video captured incredibly surprised faces of brides and grooms as they watched the unexpected moment unfold before their very eyes with precise timing. It is funny, heartwarming, exciting, hilarious, sexy, and just plain great to watch and listen. I haven’t been paying attention to Maroon 5 in a while, since my kids were in high school actually, but I was always a fan. And now they have my attention, again… with Sugar, yes please!. It’s on repeat. Well done M5!

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P.S. Update Sugar is up to 56M views: January 22, 2015. February 1 = 89M views. February 20 = 147M. November 23 = 879M (still watching and makes me happy :)

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