Success Path for Artists


Heather Allen

Challenge: An artist (me) working with an artist (Heather) to develop a book idea into a creative project that would help artists thrive and grow, brilliant right? Heather is an exceptional woman, artist and savvy business lady with a definitive idea of how this project would look and feel. Together we worked out the details to make the process efficient and produce a book that reinforced the brand she was working to build while delivering useful information to her audience. To make the launch party deadline we had to split the project up, our team focused our efforts on the interior page layout and print production while another designer crafted the cover. 

Solution: The final project resulted in Heather’s delightful book, Let Your Creativity Work For You. With its unusual size and margins, call out bubbles, scribble paper, worksheets and case studies this book gives great direction for artists and makers to help them set goals, generate new ideas and achieve success in their craft. Heather introduced the book to the community with a co-sponsored book release party including some of the artists featured in her book. The video above captures the evening and if you look closely you will see Cyn a couple of times along with a few other local artists.

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HAllen_insidepage1 Inside spread

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