NCRR AnnualReport 2012-Cover

2012 NCRR Annual Report


North Carolina Railroad Company

We had the pleasure of designing, once again, for the North Carolina Railroad Company. The 2012 North Carolina Annual Report is photo and color rich, weaving a picturesque view of the accomplishments in 2012. The NCRR mission statement includes “respecting the environment” so our team focused on that theme and used appropriate photography in the interior layout and the cover. Commissioned photography by Nick D’Amato, the full page photos with overlays of testimonials made the report look vibrant.

Challenge: Design the 2012 North Carolina Railroad Annual Report to reflect the company’s mission statement and project a new perspective in delivering content the shareholders will read and value. Tell the story of the railroad company through photos and testimonials rather than lengthy narratives.

Solution: Utilize existing photography highlighting the rail communities in North Carolina. Color coded completed projects and upcoming projects made for an at-a-glance look at the accomplishments in 2012. Strong use of a blue and orange color made the overall effect spirited and lively.  Highlighting some of NCRR’s numbers using an info-graphic approach allowed for a interesting presentation of the numbers. The photo collage accross 2 spreads allowed for a snapshot look into the events of the year. The cover includes a highly stylized photo of a tank car crossing a NC bridge. The back cover folds out to present a map of North Carolina and highlights the rails across North Carolina.

Visit their website to see the entire 2012 North Carolina Annual Report.

NCRR 2012 Cover

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