2013 NC Railroad Annual Report Cover

NC Railroad Annual Report


North Carolina Railroad Company


We are pleased to be working with NC Railroad Company, happily once again, on their 2013 Annual Report.

Challenge: Design the 2013 North Carolina Railroad Annual Report to reflect the company’s mission statement “To develop the unique North Carolina Railroad assets for the good of the people of North Carolina” and project a vision the stakeholders are proud of. Guidance from leadership to utilize more photos and graphics and less text was a requirement.

Solution: We used commissioned photography shot by Nick D’Amato and others to give each spread a large visual. The Chairman’s message of “Investing in North Carolina” was highlighted by using an infographic with specific numbers pertaining to the Railroad’s successes. The highlight colors are a warm palette of yellow and orange reflective of the sunset image on the cover.

Visit their website to view the 2011 North Carolina Annual Report

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