Jonathan P. Alcott Memoir

JPAlcott-BookCoverWouldn’t Have Missed it for the World

Memoir of a Small-Town Boy Who Dreamed of Success and Achieved It


Karin Wiberg / Jonathan P. Alcott

Challenge:  Produce a softcover for Wouldn’t Have Missed it for the World that would capture the spirit of the story, the small-town boy and the man who made it happen.

Solution: When I met Jonathan P. Alcott for the first time, I knew I was in for a treat. He had those kind of sparkly blue eyes that gave you the feeling there was a story (or three!) ready to share. Over a cup of joe, Jonathan starts chatting with the kind of ease that makes you feel at ease. He spoke about remembering childhood summer days sitting under a tree day dreaming about his future. That thought resulted in finding an image for the cover that worked perfectly with the content.

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