2011 NCRR Annual Report


North Carolina Railroad Company


We had the honor of designing the 2011 NC Railroad Company Annual Report. Part of the NCRR mission statement is “respecting the environment” so our team focused on that theme and used an intense color green for the cover with splashes of leaf inspired imagery in the interior layout. Commissioned photography was shot by Nick D’Amato and the full page photos made the report look vibrant and made North Carolina rails look great!

Challenge: Design the 2011 North Carolina Railroad Annual Report to reflect the company’s mission statements and project a new perspective in delivering content the shareholders will read and value. New staff and vendors made the project start later than optimum and yet we had a demanding deadline to meet.

Solution: Utilize existing and new photography in a large way highlighting the rail communities in North Carolina. Color coding the completed projects and upcoming projects made for an at-a-glance look at the accomplishments in 2011. Strong use of a fresh grass green color made the overall effect in line with the Chairman’s message of “embracing the environment” and reminding North Carolinian’s that the North Carolina Railroad is in support of the local economy.

Visit their website to view the 2011 North Carolina Annual Report

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