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PechaKucha Fans + Friends

As many of you know we sponsor PechaKucha Night events (since 2009!) along with the awesome Visual Art Exchange. Every year with the support of you, this event is a blast. Thank you!

Registration is open!

Here are a few upcoming important dates leading up to PKN Vol 23 and one favor to ask.
  • August 10th – Our Call for Talent closes for our September event. This is our most exciting event of the year happening during SPARKcon and hosted at CAM Raleigh. There will be speakers, dancers, music and more! Our theme this volume is Good Vibrations. If you know of anyone who may be a good candidate to give a 6 minute and 40 second talk (the PechaKucha format) please forward this email. Because of the theme, I am actively reaching out to tattoo artists, musicians, sound engineers, drummers, do gooders. Do you know of any folks that might be interested? Submit your talk here > pknraleigh.com/submit or to have a chat with PKN organizers email pknraleigh@gmail.com
  • August 15 – Registration opens and we will announce our emcee and musical guest.
  • September 15 – Good Vibrations Event at CAM – 6:40p, doors at 5:30p
  • ASAP – Will you help make this event great and share this page? TY!!
Be in the PechaKucha know & follow us @pknraleigh
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